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Therapy session

Anxiety & Related Disorders

We recommend a combination of tools to experience and harness the full power of your unconscious mind.


The services we offer, can change your life for the better and longer term with your co-operation and commitment.   Are you ready to take the next step?

  • Therapeutic Counselling - We will explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe space, at your own pace to help you realise coping methods of you own.


  • Hypnotherapy - We can explore in depth, your unconscious mind and begin to reframe and change learnt behaviors to help eliminate the anxiety you be experiencing.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique - commonly known as tapping and has proved to be an effect tool when dealing with Anxiety or other Performance enhancement methods.

  • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing - a proven and recognised method for Anxiety including PTSD.

What we can offer you a varied and effective approach(es):

Anxiety can stem from a wide array of scenarios from stress at work or home to experiences of trauma and grief, leading the mind to fear the future - or at least futures we create for ourselves in our minds.


In essence, F.E.A.R. can lead to overwhelming worry, intrusive thoughts, depression and general disruptions to relationships and your everyday life.


As scary and daunting as it might be, there is a way out.

Many people look for a solution in a packet or even a bottle, food or drugs. However, they find that these do not work in the long term.


Wellbeing Practice offers personalised, non-intrusive and safe methods to help you out of this spiral of anxiety and related emotions.   Our goal to help you gain perspective through building understanding, awareness and resilience.

Wellbeing Practice is based at two locations Poundbury and Wimbourne  Subscribe to our newsletter

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