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Senior Therapist

Open to new Clients: Yes

Good mental health and wellbeing are essential to developing a happy and fulfilling life, however, life has a habit of putting obstacles or events in our way which can hold us back. Recent global events such as a global pandemic, the rising cost of living and even regional wars have only compounded the situation.

As a professionally qualified counsellor, I work with Children (7+) through to young adults (18+) who struggle to deal with some of life’s challenges. These challenges can be rooted in past experiences, personal relationships, school or workplace environments.

I believe in a ‘person-centred’ approach where we work together to develop a range of coping tools and techniques that allow the individual to manage feelings of anxiety, a lack of self-confidence / worth, depression or even suicidal thoughts.

A key element is to understand what is in your control and what is not and together we can establish a set of tools/coping strategies personal to you; to deal with the core issues.

My experience covers working with children and young people, individual adults, and families, in various settings including hospitals, schools, charities and local authorities. I also have experience with, abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, cancer and bereavement.

I operate with an open, honest, and positive mindset, developing empathy to help facilitate a positive outcome.


Level 5 Advanced diploma in integrative counselling

Level 5 Certificate in Counselling young people

Diploma in couples and family therapy

Diploma in Life coaching

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