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#2 April Anxiety Series - Children and Young People Facing Anxiety

Children and Young People Facing Anxiety

Anxiety can hit children and young people pretty hard. Whether it's dealing with school stress, social pressures, or just figuring out who they are, Children and Young People Facing Anxiety can feel like a huge weight on their shoulders. But there's good news: counselling and talking therapy can help them feel better and handle all the ups and downs that come their way.

Think of counselling as having a secret weapon against anxiety. It's a safe space where kids and teens can talk about what's bothering them without worrying about being judged. Therapists are like friendly guides who use cool techniques like games, art, or just chatting to help them understand what's going on inside their heads.

One awesome thing about counselling is that it helps kids and teens see things differently. It's like getting a new pair of glasses that helps them spot those sneaky anxious thoughts and kick them to the curb. Plus, they learn superpowers like deep breathing or mindfulness that can calm their racing hearts when anxiety comes knocking.

"Children and Young People Facing Anxiety can learn superpowers like deep breathing or mindfulness."

But counselling isn't just for kids and teens—it's a team effort! Therapists often invite parents or guardians to join in too. This way, families can work together to tackle anxiety head-on and create a home environment filled with love and support.

The best part? Counselling isn't about magically erasing anxiety overnight. It's more like planting seeds of confidence and strength that grow over time. With each counselling session, kids and teens get better at handling tough situations, making friends, and feeling good about themselves.

So, if anxiety is throwing a curveball, remember: that counselling is like having a trusty sidekick in the battle against anxiety. With a little help and a whole lot of heart, kids and teens can kick anxiety to the curb and live their best lives.

Wellbeing Practice has a team of trained and experienced counsellors to support Children and Young People Facing Anxiety, we are here to help you. Consider us your partners in Wellbeing and take the steps to wellbeing and resilient mental health by booking an appointment.

Children and Young People Facing Anxiety

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