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#4 in our April Anxiety Series - Lily gets permission to "be yourself".

Once upon a time, in a land where Instagram filters couldn't fix everything, there lived a girl named Lily. She was your typical teen—obsessed with TikTok, prone to eye-rolling, and fiercely protective of her stash of chocolate. But beneath her cool exterior lurked a secret she kept hidden from the world—crippling anxiety.

Beat Anxiety - Be Yourself

Lily's anxiety was like an unwanted houseguest who overstayed their welcome, always crashing the party when things were getting good. Whether it was the looming exams or the pressure to fit in with the cool kids, her mind was a tornado of worries, doubts, and what-ifs, full of Anxiety - unable to be herself.

Enter stage right: counselling. Now, when Lily's mom first suggested therapy, she was all, "No way, José!" I mean, who wants to spill their deepest, darkest fears to a stranger when they could be binge-watching Netflix instead? But desperate times called for desperate measures, so Lily begrudgingly agreed to give it a shot.

Enter her therapist, let's call her Dr. Zen. With her calm demeanour and knack for cutting through Lily's teenage sass like a hot knife through butter, Dr Zen was like the Yoda to Lily's Skywalker, minus the green skin and pointy ears.

At first, Lily treated therapy like a chore—clocking in, zoning out, and counting down the minutes until she could escape back to her world of memes and selfies. But as the sessions went on, something strange started to happen. Dr. Zen wasn't just asking about her feelings—she was actually listening, like really listening.

Slowly but surely, Lily started to open up. She spilt her innermost thoughts about the pressure to be perfect, the fear of failure, and the relentless voice in her head that never seemed to shut up. And you know what? Dr Zen didn't judge. She didn't offer unsolicited advice or try to fix Lily's problems with a wave of her magic therapy wand. Instead, she gave Lily the one thing she'd been craving all along—permission to be herself, flaws and all.

With Dr. Zen's guidance, Lily learned to tame the anxiety monster that had been wreaking havoc in her brain. She discovered coping strategies that didn't involve drowning her sorrows in a tub of cookie dough ice cream or retreating into her fortress of sarcasm. And most importantly, she realized that she didn't have to face her fears alone—because Dr. Zen had her back, no matter what.

So here's to Lily, the brave teen who stared down her anxiety and emerged stronger, sassier, and more self-aware than ever. And here's to counselling, the unsung hero who helped her slay the dragons of doubt and claim her rightful place in the kingdom of confidence.

Wellbeing Practice can help Children, Young People and Adults with Anxiety - Be Yourself, to find coping strategies and mechanisms to beat Anxiety and take control of your thinking, your life and how you respond.

To find out more is easy, just click the button below and fill out the form:

Wellbeing Practice offers face-to-face appointments in our therapy rooms and safe spaces in Poundbury and Wimborne. Taking your steps to wellbeing with us as your partner and supporter in your journey of wellbeing and greater personal resilience.

Beat Anxiety - Be yourself

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