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The thought of long sunny days ahead brightens our mood, but this time of year can bring stress for teenagers and parents with exams looming.

Peer pressure, parental pressure and a personal desire to succeed can all come to a head and parenting can be extremely difficult during this time. Teenagers don’t always tell their parents the level of stress they are feeling, and trying to read signals can be difficult.

Ian Smith from Wellbeing Practice, Dorset offers some simple advice for teens based on his comprehensive treatment plan to help minimise stress at this time and create a positive, supportive environment; Below are a few of his top tips:

  • Relaxation: when feeling anxious, find a calm, quiet space and try breathing deeply for a short time, focus your mind on something pleasing, like a beautiful place with happy memories.

  • Eating Dark Chocolate: believe it or not, eating dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body.

  • Talk about it: almost everyone finds exams stressful – so you are not alone. Expressing your worries to a trusted person will help get them out of your system.

  • Gain perspective: it’s great to do well in exams, but remember that exams aren’t the only thing that will help you succeed in life, your attitude, work-rate or ability to get on with others will also influence your success.

  • Plan your study: with some initial effort, you can become more productive and motivated each day you approach your study by understanding your learning progress.

By harnessing the potential held in our subconscious mind, through professional Hypnotherapy and proven counselling techniques, we can help tap into a powerful method in which we can train the brain to use these stresses in a positive manner. This will help to focus on studies, remain calm during examinations and to generally handle stresses in a positive way that will also help build confidence and positive strategies in other situations that we are likely to encounter throughout our lives. Wellbeing Practice sessions where we can discuss how you are able to help to greatly reduce anxieties through a safe and supportive process, enabling those with impending exams to find the right track for the best start in life and success in everything they endeavor to do.

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