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Does Therapy Work for Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety is felt on various levels. It can be triggered by a fear of something that happened in the past or, what we think might happen and dread happening at a time in the future.

Reality is that many people will experience a mild type of anxiety when facing a particularly stressful situation; such as an exam, public speaking, driving test or presentation. Anxiety ‘disorders’ are very different; severe anxiety can debilitate the day-to-day life of a person.

When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, it can lead to them avoiding situations because they fear it may be a trigger, thus making regular life problematic. The individual is likely to be missing out on life experiences.

Such a perpetual apprehension can begin to affect their life, preventing them from achieving professional potential and developing personal relationships, even leading to depression in some cases.

Does Therapy Work for Anxiety and Depression?

Therapy can be an effective in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. In some cases, it aims to address the root cause of the problem. With some it can be resolved without even knowing the context of the underlying cause.

Resolving to re-frame thoughts and emotions associated with learnt behaviours, habits and past experiences in essences helps to improve self-esteem, break negative patterns, enrich positive thinking and build resilience.

What we do:

We support and help people to overcome anxiety, create coping strategies and build future resilience.

When you may need us:

You do NOT need to be “on your knees” or “in crisis” before you seek help!

Avoid Trauma [definition: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience] – act before thoughts and feelings become distressing or disturbing….

Just a little worried/concerned about things more than normal?

Notice a sense of inner uneasy? Unsettled in some way?

Intrusive thoughts? - Negative notions, thinking the worst, considering self-harm, feeling unsafe.

Anxious feelings that just stay and will not fade? [Anxiety definition: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome]

Heroes are still human – take some time to put yourself first!

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