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Poundbury's Mental Health Links

Wellbeing Practice has a brand new venue in the heart of the charming Dorset town of Poundbury. Like so often, change isn't isolated, so just as we settled in to the new building and town, Poundbury itself saw a big change. The Duchy of Cornwall passed from one Prince of Wales (now King Charles) to the new Prince of Wales; his son Prince William.

Poundbury, built on Duchy of Cornwall land, is currently home to some 4,600 people in a mix of private and affordable housing, as well as providing employment for 2,400 people working in more than 240 shops, cafés, offices and factories.

When I set out on this venture, I was determined that Poundbury would break the mould of conventional housing development in this country, and create an attractive place for people to live, work and play. Many people said that it could never succeed but I am happy to say that the sceptics were wrong and it is now a thriving urban settlement alongside Dorchester.

HRH King Charles

We are so pleased to welcome our new owner Prince William to lead the ongoing growth and development of this special town.

Prince William, alongside his wife Catherine are well-known for their work with projects and charities supporting and advocating for good mental health.

Heads Together is a mental health initiative spearheaded by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which combines a campaign to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services.

We are very proud to have this strong link between our location, it's new leader and our shared passions of shining a light on supporting good mental health.

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