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The power of positivity: how your past can impact your parenting

The circle of life is an inevitable phenomenon, and one that often comes sharply into focus when we become parents. Something about the newness of a child and the open book of their future causes us to cast out minds back to our own childhood and upbringing.

This might be an enjoyable process, or one that causes pain and anxiety. You might look to your own upbringing as a blueprint to follow, or an example to absolutely avoid.

Either way, there's no escaping that whilst some conscious decisions can be made, an enormous amount of subconscious programming makes up how we behave in our every day lives, and that includes how we parent.

'Children are like sponges'

Did you know that approximately 95% of our daily thoughts, behaviours and habits are subconscious? Despite what we might think about the control we have over our lives, actually the majority of our personality and ideas are pre-programmed, based on ideas and experiences that likely happened in just the first few years of our lives. During the early years, our minds are in a different brain-wave frequency, making access to the subconscious much more readily available - it's cleverly designed that way so that children can quickly absorb information. What's safe, what's dangerous, how to talk, how to walk, how to socialise, how to get food and our needs met...

If you want to explore this topic further, and are interested to know how elements of your childhood and past can impact your parenting, and the cycle of life - then our resident childhood and family communications expert Tria will be holding a 2 hour workshop on this very topic as part of the Confident Parenting Course running from January - March 2023.

So the visitors have gone and the cards are busy collecting dust on the windowsil, you are a parent. What now? All of those mystical things are about to come true, and the list is endless. Teething to Terrible Two's, Tantrums to worries, Hidden needs to neurodiversity. Who do you go to for help and advice?

Parenting has changed in recent years and what was right for your parents might not be acceptable for parenting this century, this can lead to added friction and judgement , just when you really could do without it.

The parenting menu has changed, and we can help you through the various options. Should you set boundaries? use time-out? Are you internet safe and ready to guide your little one through the risks of modern life? Bullying and friendships, complex relationships and split parents.

Over 8 weeks we hope to help you to navigate through some of the trickier things, using modern principles, methods and discussion. A small group in a supportive setting, sharing ideas and what works with a follow up session four weeks after the end of the course to check in and catch up with each other. By the end of the course we hope that you will be confidently parenting and ready to face any challenge that the little darlings throw at you.

New year traditionally signals a new start, why not make this one a new start for you and your children?"

You can find out more information about it here

If you book the course before Christmas Day (25th December in case you weren't sure!😉) then you can benefit from the early bird price, saving over £60!

We understand that this time of year can cause a financial strain, so we have also added the option to spread the cost of this in-depth, highly valuable course over 6 weeks or even 12 months.

Email with any questions you might have

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