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Your Unique Treatment Plan

This blog will answer questions such as:

· How do I go about choosing the right therapist?

· How many sessions do I need?

· Will it work?

· How much will it cost?

Choosing the right therapist:

Wellbeing Practice can offer you an effective form of therapy that for decades has been supporting and treating all manner of people including royalty, rock stars, athletes, football teams and those demanding effective and drug free change.

Even with the most incredible method your success is greatly enhanced when you feel comfortable with your therapist and able to just be yourself.

How many sessions do I need?

The one question that most therapists hate answering as everyone in different, some areas can be delivered in just one session whilst others require maybe 6 to 12 sessions treat.

Will it Work?

If you are willing to make it work then yes. It’s a joint venture and for our part we will be doing everything we can but no therapist, doctor, surgeon or counsellor can guarantee your success.

How much will it cost?

- Treatment sessions cost only £55 for 50 minutes.

- For those on low incomes subsidised rates are available.

My promise to you

By choosing Wellbeing Practice you have chosen a therapist who is dedicated to helping you achieve the result you are looking for, has years of experience & is trained to the very highest standard.

You will find us caring, approachable, honest, inspiring and respectful of you in every way.

Rescheduling of appointments

I appreciate there are occasions where the unexpected occurs, however to run a business effectively and to respect our time in having prepared for your session the fully fee will become payable if less than 48 hours notice is given for cancellations.

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