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#3 in our April Anxiety Series - Timmy meets Dr Awesome - a story about anxiety.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a young lad named Timmy. Now, Timmy wasn't your average kid. Nope, he had a knack for turning even the simplest task into a grand adventure. But there was one thing that had Timmy feeling more tangled than a plate of spaghetti—yep, you guessed it, this is his story about anxiety

Timmy's anxiety was like a mischievous gremlin living in his brain, always popping up at the worst possible moments. Whether it was the looming math test or the dreaded school dance, his mind was like a circus, with anxious thoughts juggling around like acrobats on steroids.

learning about Anxiety and finding the super hero inside

Enter stage left: counselling. Now, Timmy wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of pouring his heart out to a stranger. I mean, who wants to spill their guts to someone who probably thinks broccoli is a treat? But lo and behold his therapist, let's call her Dr. Awesome, was anything but your typical broccoli-loving shrink.

Dr. Awesome had a knack for making therapy feel more like a playdate than a doctor's visit even if it was about that anxiety stuff. Instead of boring old questions, they played games, doodled, and even had sword fights with foam noodles (Timmy won, obviously). But amidst all the fun, something magical was happening—Timmy's anxiety was losing its grip, one giggle at a time.

With Dr. Awesome's help, Timmy started seeing his anxiety in a whole new light. Those pesky worries that once felt as big as Godzilla? Turned out they were just tiny ants in disguise! Armed with newfound confidence and a secret stash of coping skills, Timmy tackled each challenge like a boss.

Fast forward a few months, and Timmy was practically a different kid. The school dance? Piece of cake. The math test? Nailed it. And the best part? Timmy was no longer just surviving—he was thriving. His anxiety might still lurk in the shadows from time to time, but with Dr Awesome by his side, he knew he could handle whatever curveballs life threw his way.

And so, dear reader, the tale of Timmy and his trusty therapist reminds us all that even the fiercest dragons can be tamed with a little laughter, a lot of heart, and a therapist who's anything but boring. So here's to counselling, the unsung hero in the epic saga of young lives transformed.

Wellbeing Practice is here to help, have trained and experienced therapists who can help you and your family understand more about anxiety, and we can support your child, young person, Mum and Dad and friends alike. We are your partners in wellbeing in Poundbury and Wimborne.

Take the steps to wellbeing with the support of one of our professional therapists, face-to-face in our safe rooms.

Supporting knowledge and grow for resilience about Anxiety

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