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Workplace Anxiety

There are lots of ways to manage workplace anxiety. Here are just a few tips that could work for you:

Talking to someone you Trust at work – Experience has shown that sharing how you feel with a colleague can help alleviant anxiety in the workplace a great deal. Just knowing that someone there is looking out for you can reduce anxiety related to attending work.

Acknowledge the symptoms – For most of us, anxiety initially feels like someone or something has invaded our mind/body as we sense a loss of all control. However, learning to identify the symptoms as they begin can help reduce the panic felt at these times. Once the symptoms (triggers) are recognised, and you feel them coming on, take a break, step out of the office, find a safe space.

Practice simple techniques – So while being able to step outside is helpful, when you start to feel your heart beating faster, and your palms clamming up, you also need to be able to tackle these symptoms. For example simple breathing exercises can help to centre your mind and draw the focus away from whatever was initially causing the problem.

Aim to be healthy – Exercising regularly can really help to keep your mind away from the thousands of “what if’s” that flood it daily. It is reasonable to accept exercising in private is preferable as more people could lead to more anxiety?

Find what feels good – This piece of advice suits us ‘worriers’ when we’re trying to figure out ways to cope with the harshness of that inner voice.

Often, those who live with anxiety are also perfectionists, over-achievers, and generally people who (have been taught to) expect a lot from themselves. When you have anxiety, this makes things even worse, because not being at your best makes you angry at yourself, and treating yourself harshly is the last thing you need when you’re, in fact, at your most vulnerable.

It is worth remembering that no one is ever perfect, and we all need to take care of and nurture our flawed selves.

Find what feels good, is a great adage because it replaces that harsh inner voice with a kinder, gentler one, also, just as importantly, it’s a good reminder that different strategies work for different people, and only you can find what works best for you.

Book an appointment – talking to a trained counsellor or therapist can help you in recognising your triggers and how to cope with them initially, then over time find how you can overcome them.

Just by talking about your anxiety in a safe and confidential place, with someone who will listen without judgement or opinion, there purely for you, to hear you, to support you, this can go a long way towards beating those anxieties.

In general, the anxiety is still there but it is much more manageable. I hope these tips for managing workplace anxiety can be just as helpful for others.

For more information or to just talk please contact me Ian Smith, use the book online link above, or the one provided by your employer.

I can be contacted by telephone on 01202 830247 or by email


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